Hey guys, I hope you are having a great week so far! If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a poll that I have put in my Instagram Story a while ago. I asked you if you would like to watch daily vlogs in December. After rethinking it and making a lot of plannings, I am thrilled to announce that I am going to upload videos every day in December.

As some of you know, December is one of the busiest months of the year for me because it is the month before my exam period. This means that I will be busy 24/7, preparing myself for my exams. I also think it is a very interesting time to show you what it is really like to be a full time (law) student. That is why I have decided to show you everything: the ups and downs, the tears and the joy, the holidays and the study days.

Get ready for December because from December 1st until December 24th and December 27th there will be a new video up on my YouTube channel every day! There will be 9 vlog style videos, 6 Study With Me type of videos, 3 routine videos, 4 stationery/unboxing videos, 2 videos with study tips and 1 video that I am not sure of (if you have suggestions, feel free to DM me!). Of course I will be mad crazy during December because I have to study, celebrate the holidays, and film almost everything. That is why I am going to prefilm a lot of the videos in November. I am currently busy with filming and editing videos but the Study Vlogs and Study With Me videos are going to be filmed in December.

So: from December 1st till December 24th I will upload a new video every day. On Christmas, I am going to celebrate spend my time with my family so I won’t upload anything of course. The next video will be live on December 27th. It will also be the last day I am going to upload, and not the 31st, because this way I have a little more time to study before my exam period starts. Another reason is that the last couple of days of December the only thing I will be doing is study, study, study. I won’t be doing anything interesting and I also don’t have any lectures to go to.

As mentioned before, December is the month before my exam period. On December 27th I am going to upload the last video of the December Study Series, which is also going to be the last video for a while. I won’t upload any videos until after my last exam because I need to focus on my studies. During my exam period, I won’t have enough time to film and study at the same time which is why I will be taking a little break from YouTube. I will continue to post pictures and updates on Instagram but not every day.

What to expect from this month? This month I am going to be busy with prefilming videos, as I said before. I will also upload a video about inspiration, as a part of the How To Get Motivated series on my YouTube channel. I am also planning on uploading a Study With Me video or a Study Vlog.

I hope you are all very excited for this news. I am going to work twice as hard to get everything finished and I am very curious what the outcome of this idea will be. Either way, I am going to make sure that this project will be a lot of fun for you and myself too.

Have a lovely day, everyone!