Hey everyone! I get a lot of questions from students who have difficulties with doing their homework and start studying after school. I think every student out there has once been in this situation where you are enthusiastically making plans in your mind of all the things you are going to do as soon as you are home and once you are home you are just going to chill on your bed or couch and suddenly it’s way past bed time and you didn’t do the things you wanted to do. When I was in high school, I used to do this all the time and I always felt so bad if I had to rush to study everything for my tests the next day. I came up with something that has helped me a lot to stop this from happening. It’s a really easy tip that I explain in this video:

The reason I feel so motivated to do something at home is because I am being productive at school. As soon as I come home, I start doing things that are going to make me feel lazy like checking my social media and watching tv shows or taking a nap.

The trick is to start studying as soon as possible once you get home. Go to your desk, get your books and actively do something for 20-40 minutes. There are always a few things that seem necessary once you come home but that you can actually skip during those 20-40 minutes:

  • Something to drink. Of course, we need 1.5-2 liters of water a day, but you don’t necessarily need to drink right after school. Drinking a bit later is okay too. If you are thirsty, I suggest to drink something or take a bottle of water to your study space.
  • Something to eat. It’s the same as for drinking: it can wait for 20 more minutes. If you don’t have any breaks at school, or you come home just around lunch time or dinner time, it is a better idea to eat first and then start studying as soon as possible. Another thing you can do is eat on your way home. I usually have some sandwiches left over from my lunch and I can eat those in the train so I am not that hungry when I come home. Another thing you can do is prepare something to eat (some fruits or a sandwich for example) and eat it while getting back to work.
  • Social media: you can check your social media whenever you want and it’s very likely that nothing exciting happened there anyways.
  • Making a planner: making a planner may seem like you are being productive and do something for school, you actually aren’t doing anything but write down what you need to do instead of actually doing those things. I noticed that I sometimes use making a planner as a form of procrastination to not do anything. Because you already made plans in your head at school (when I come home, I’m gonna do all my homework, then study super hard and finally get a good night’s rest) and even if you didn’t do that, there is probably one thing you know you need to do for that day. Start with that one. (And yes, you can write it down later in your to do list for that day and cross them off so you feel good about yourself).

NOTE: you don’t have to skip all of these. Just skip all the things you think you need to do, but don’t skip the things you actually need to do. If you need to eat lunch first, eat it. If you need to play sports first, do it. The tip is to start as soon as possible.

After studying/working on something you need to do, take a good 20 minute break. You deserve it. Go eat, drink, check your social media, go talk to someone. After that, it’s time to make a to do list for the rest of your day.

If you use this tip, you will notice you finish your work a lot earlier than you usually do. I want to clarify that this is a tip for students who think it’s difficult to get back to work after school and end up procrastinating until it’s super late. With this tip, I am not promoting a unhealthy lifestyle. I am not claiming you shouldn’t drink/eat at all; not even. The idea behind it is to skip all sorts of procrastinations, because food for example can be a form of procrastination (‘’I should study but I need to eat first because studies say I should eat so I’ll just eat’’). The tip is to start as soon as possible but if you have other obligations first, do them first, and then study.

I got loads of messages from people saying this tip helped them to finish the things they want to do in time & that they save a lot of hours every day. I would love to know if this tip helped you out as well. Leave a comment down below to tell me how this worked/ didn’t work for you.