Goodmorning beautiful people. I hope you are having a lovely week. Because I am a law student, I get a lot of questions from people who are considering to study law as well. A lot of you come to me for advice because you don’t know what to expect of law school and you want to make sure you are making the right decision.

I totally get that, because I have been there. Choosing what you are going to study after high school is a big decision and it’s a good thing you are looking for more information. In this article, I am going to answer some of my most asked questions about law school and give you some tips and ideas on what it’s like to be in law school.

Before I am going to start, I think it is important to say that in my country, college doesn’t really exist. Law is something you study at an university. Also, in my country there is no middle school. At the age of 12 you go to high school, which is 4-6 years, depending on which level you take. I had 6 years of high school.

First things first, how did I know I wanted to study law? Maybe this is going to disappoint some of you but I always kind of knew. Ever since I started watching Law and Order SVU, I wanted to become a criminal defence lawyer. And yes, I am aware that tv shows aren’t like the real world but what is most important is that it inspired me to do it. However, when I was in my fifth year of high school, I started doubting myself and my decision to study law. There are so many things you can study and it’s important to make the right choice, because let’s be real, university/law school is really expensive and I don’t want to drop out or waste years of my life doing something I don’t love.

I wasn’t sure if law school was the best thing for me but in the end I decided to just do it. I was looking for other studies but there was nothing that was more for me than law school. I just did it and I do not regret it. I love it and every day I love it even more.

Law school is one of the most ‘boring’ studies, because almost everything you learn is theory. There are hardly any practice drills. Law school is a lot of reading books and cases. You start with real practice in a law firm, when you are done with law school and interning. I think that you need two important things before you start law school.

The first one is discipline and dedication. As I mentioned before, you need to read a lot of books in your free time. I don’t know what law school is like in other countries but in my country I don’t have a lot of lectures. It’s usually just a couple of hours a day. Some days can be long but most of the time, I have 3-4 hours of class. However, after those lectures, you aren’t finished because when you come home, it’s time for studying. You need to prepare lectures, revise lecture notes, make summaries and read your books. In order to do this, you need discipline and dedication. You need to be stronger than your laziness to pick up your books and read them. In high school, you get a lot of homework and small tests before the big test that force you to start studying and working on school. That doesn’t exist in law school. There is no homework (sometimes assignments though) and there are big exams about everything you learnt during the semester. When and what you study is your own responsibility. You can choose to do nothing the whole semester and do everything on the night before the exam, or do a little bit every day and be prepared for the exam. It’s hard to stay on top of your classes, trust me, so you will need to work hard.

The second thing that I think is important is a form of passion. I say a form because there are a lot of passions you can find in law students, because every law student is different. I think having a passion for law (school) is important to succeed. If you don’t like law school, you dislike the lectures, you have to force yourself to study and you feel unhappy, law school is not right for you. If you love law school, it’s going to be a lot easier for you and a lot more fun! The passion you have can be anything since law is such a big field. Maybe you love working with children so you are going to specialize in family law. Maybe you are really interested in society and politics. Since law is something our society is built on, law is super interesting for you to study. Maybe you are a person who likes a lot of theory because you aren’t really good in practice. Law is perfect for you too.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you can have a passion for law. I have noticed that the students who enjoy the lectures and think it is interesting get better grades and it’s easier for them to study.

When I started law school, I really wanted to become a criminal defence lawyer. I am in my second year of my bachelor now and I have learnt so many things. I think it has made me a better person, less naive and more aware of what’s going on in the world. I also learnt that the law field is really big. Most people assume you are going to be a lawyer when you are going to study law, which is not always the case. I for example want to become a judge in a high court or a professor. I think these professions fit me a lot better, because I have become a pretty calm person over the years and because I want to be an influence for people, I want to better the world. I think I can do that if I am a judge or a professor, I really do.

I hope this article has given you an insight on what it’s like to study law, what you need to know before studying law and what my experiences are so far. If you want a more personal and detailed insight on my law school experience, I recommend reading my blog on this website, and watching/reading my study vlogs here or on YouTube!