Hi everyone and welcome to my website! I am Ways To Study and I
am the owner of @waystostudy on Instagram, YouTube and here on this website. I am currently 22 years old, I am Dutch and I am a law student. I am in my second year of my bachelor in law and after this I would like to do a masters in international and European law in 1,5 years.

My ambitions are pretty high. I want to have a good job in a few years and do something good for the world, influence people, inspire them. I always wanted to become a lawyer but as I started law school, I realized there is so much more you can become. At this moment, I want to become a professor in a university or a judge in a high court like the International Court of Justice. I know I have to work hard for that but it’s going to be worth it, because it’s my dream.

To fulfil that dream, it is important to me to stay anonymous on Youtube, Instagram and this website. I often get the question why I am never showing my face. It’s not out of insecurity but it’s a decision I made for myself when I started doing this. As I mentioned above, I want to get a good job. I want to become a professor or a judge and those people need to be taken seriously when they are going to work. It is not like I am doing anything dangerous or irresponsible, not at all. It’s just that I want to be taken seriously by my future boss or the people when I am taking decisions for them as a judge or the students I am teaching our legal system and it’s values.

I want those people to respect me when I am practicing my job, and in my opinion that is not possible when my face, identity and personal life is all over the internet.

Of course I understand my followers and subscribers and readers here that they would like to see my face and know who I am. I understand why you are curious about such a thing. If I were a model, or a fashion/beauty blogger, it would be considered normal to openly show your face and identity, because a model’s or a fashion/beauty blogger’s brand is their face. My brand, the reason why people start following me on social media, is not my face and identity. My brand is the motivation I give people to work harder, the inspiration that helps people achieve their goals, the study tips that give people the opportunity to study harder and smarter. For all of these things, you don’t have to know who I am or what I look like. It’s the content that matters. I hope that this all gives you a better insight on why I would like to stay anonymous.

This is also a tip that I want to give people: be careful with what you put on the internet. Once it’s out there, there is no way back. Even if you think that there is no harm in crazy party pictures on your Facebook, it can have negative consequences. The internet is available to anyone. Everyone, including your future boss, can search for you on the internet and the impression that your social media pages give someone can determine whether you get that job interview or not for example.

You may wonder why I am doing all this, knowing that it can potentially ruin my future and dreams. Well, because it’s my passion. I love filming, I love editing, I love helping people, I love inspire and motivate people. I am aware that I help and inspire a lot of people and I feel responsible to keep posting pictures, videos, tips to help everyone to do their absolute best and get a good education.

The harder you work, the luckier you get. My mission is to help people work a little harder, in order to get a better future.

Education is the key to freedom, and I want to help people get that freedom that they can get if they work for it