Okay, so you’ve made a planning for the day, you’re sitting behind your desk with your books open but you. just. can’t. get. started. Where’s the motivation to study when you need it? Listed down below are some tips that will help you to get started that I’ve learned from experience.

1. Remember that starting is the hardest part! Once you actually get started you are very likely to finish the task as well. So be a little harder on yourself to get started.

2. Start immediately after coming home from school/work. This is a tip I explained in my first video on YouTube. Check it out if you want to see the whole explanation. It’s helpful to start first thing when you get home because it gets you in the study mood immediately. If you procrastinate on starting after you get home it will get harder and harder to find motivation to start studying! So forget about checking your phone for just 5 minutes before studying after you get home because it can turn into 5 hours of being unproductive very easily.

3. Clean your work space for 5-10 minutes before your study session so you’ll feel super motivated to get working. There’s something about having a decluttered desk that will make you feel so organized it will make you want to sit behind the desk & study!

4. Make it a habit – don’t think about it. Just do it. If you turn studying into a daily habit, e.g. something you do every day from 3-5 and from 7-10, you won’t even have to think about starting anymore because you’re so used to it. Studying has become a habit of mine now so I don’t see it as a chore anymore – I don’t question it, I just do it!

5. Don’t stare at your books for hours. Only open them when you are actually studying. It can be so easy to open your books and then grab your phone to procrastinate for hours. Problem is that you’ll feel like you’ve spend a huge amount of time on studying while it is in fact just 15 minutes or so. For example, if you spend 6 hours in the library but you were on Instagram for 5, you still only got 1 hour of work done despite having the feeling that you worked for 6. This can be very dreadful, especially on long term. So schedule in a couple of hours of study time and actually study. If you open your books and just cannot get started, close them and try again later.

6. Watch some motivational videos to get in the mood. I have a list of motivational videos that help me to get into the study mood! I also found a couple of new videos that get me into the right mood to start studying that I will share later with you.

7. Make it enjoyable: burn a candle, put on some music, watch your favorite show, whatever helps you to get started.

8. Don’t strive for perfection, strive for progress. If you are a perfectionist you want the work to be done in a perfect way. Let that strive for perfection go, as it will take you a lot longer to finish the work which means you have to rush at the end if you are close to the deadline. This will make your study experience less fun and more stressful which will make starting next time harder. So instead of wanting to do your work perfectly, try to focus on getting it done.

9. Try a very serious environment like the library or a study session with a motivated friend. You’re more likely to start if you see others around you who are getting started as well or have already started.

So these are my tips for getting motivated to start studying. I hope you feel motivated enough now to start and get the work done! I wish you all a productive day.
Love, Rose