Your health is one of the few things you should prioritize over your academic life. Your health affects your academic career: if you are in good health, you’ll do better in school than if you aren’t. As I felt that this was a personal question to me I am going to tell you how I personally take care of my health. 


  1. SLEEP: getting enough sleep is very important to me. I need all of my energy throughout the day so I get 9 hours of sleep each night. I’ve also been working on my sleeping schedule. I go to bed every night around 10 and wake up at 7 in the morning. Having a schedule helps to get more sleep during the night. 

  2. EXERCISE: I try to go to the gym at least 2 times a week. During my exam period I didn’t have time for that but during the semester I love going for a good workout. Exercising helps to focus more & I love how it gets my mind off the work I have going on. I also ride the bike to school (30 min total) and I often go for walks with my boyfriend (groceries, walks for fun, going out to a cafe/restaurant). 
  3. FOOD: I eat fruits and veggies every day. If you aren’t used to eating any fruits I highly recommend to buy different kinds of fruit (e.g. 1 apple, 1 pear, melon, mango, grapes, etc.) and make a fruit salad in advance. You can meal prep them and store in the fridge. Eat in the afternoon when your energy level is low. Tip for eating more veggies: try to eat veggies with every meal you’re eating, especially dinner. It quickly adds up! Also, I don’t drink any soda at all, I rarely use salt in my food & I don’t use a lot of much oil when cooking. 
  4. HYDRATE: I used to drink so little a day that my body forgot the feeling of being thirsty. A few years ago I decided to change that & now I try to drink at least 1.5L a day. Being hydrated DEFINITELY changes a lot when it comes to studying. I pretty much only drink water. I have a glass of milk or coffee once in a few days/weeks. I would recommend to put some ginger in your water because that tastes really good 💦 

  5. HYGIENE: I think hygiene is also an important part of your health (also for your mental health). I have a skin care routine I follow in the morning & night. I often use face masks. I shower every day & put on fresh clothes after that. Feeling all fresh before starting your day gives me the feeling that I can handle everything! 


  1. ONE FUN THING A WEEK: I try to do at least 1 fun activity a week, preferably during the weekend. Having something fun to look forward to makes life much more exciting & it’s a great reward for working hard! 

  2. NO STUDYING BEFORE SLEEPING: after studying/working I don’t go to bed immediately, mainly because my head will be way too busy with processing thoughts about the things I just studied. What I do is watch one episode of a series before I go to bed. It helps me to relax and clear my head. I am currently watching Suits. During exam periods, my mind needs something easier than that so I’ll pick shows from my childhood and watch one of those episodes (e.g. Totally Spies, Brace Face, Winx Club, etc.). It sounds a bit weird but is so helpful if you are feeling extremely stressed. 
  3. SOCIALIZE: having social interaction with people every day is important! I often have to push myself out of my comfort zone because it is so easy to ignore it all and be on your own. Since I’ve chosen a profession in which I have to engage with people it is important for me to keep up with my people skills. Not only that, being social with people contributes to happiness & it also inspires! Socializing can be done easily: you see your classmates in school, your family on birthdays and other events, friends during the weekend, etc. 
  4. TAKE BREAKS: you shouldn’t push yourself too hard. Take a break when needed. Sometimes I take a whole day off without studying if that is what I need to get back to work fueled with energy! 
  5. KEEP IT FUN: studying should be “fun” for the most part of it. Put on some music, a show on Netflix on the background, make a nice snack, buy some cute stationery AKA make studying as enjoyable as possible. Studying is like a full time job, you’re busy with your work most of the day so you might as well enjoy it! 

These are the things I do, but I might be forgetting something. If you have questions about certain parts of my lifestyle, feel free to ask them down below! 👇🏼 I hope you’ve learned a few ideas you can implement in your own life!