I honestly get this question all the time and let me start by saying this: there is no such thing as “memorizing fast”, memorizing something takes TIME and EFFORT and this process can’t be skipped or shortened. Also keep in mind that everyone needs different techniques to study & some people study faster than others. This is okay and you shouldn’t feel bad about taking your time to study!

With that having said, I have learned a few tricks that will make it easier to memorize your study material so it will take less time and effort:

1. Pay attention in class! I can’t stress this enough. Paying attention in class = 50% of the work. You’ll be surprised how much you’ve memorized from your classes when you’re studying. Studying afterwards gets easier because you’ve seen the study material before. You’ve processed it once if you just listen to the professor and you processed it twice if you take notes during class as well.

2. Pick the study techniques that take less effort. There are study techniques that are very helpful but also super time consuming like summarizing. If you don’t have that kind of time, don’t do it and do something that will make you remember the study material as well but in half the amount of time.

3. PRACTICE. The more you study, the easier and the faster you will remember your study material. There are also a lot of exercises you can do that helps your brain to memorize faster but if you study regularly (and not only a couple of days before the exam) it will be easier to retain the information.

4. Keep up with the study material! The thing with every form of education is that the material you’re learning builds on material you’ve learned prior to this point. If you keep up with your study material, the upcoming study material will be easier and faster to learn! If you don’t, you’ll have to study twice as hard each time because you don’t know the basics.

Now, how to actually remember what you’ve memorized? Key here is REPEATING and REVISING. You can’t expect yourself to read your book once and somehow remember everything until the exams. I read once that you need to process the study material 7 times before it really sticks in your brain. This means that you will have to go over your study material regularly to freshen up your brain!

Here’s an example of what processing your study material 7 times can look like:
1. Reading your text book before class
2. Going over the powerpoint before class
3. Listening to the professor during class
4. Taking notes during lectures
5. Summarizing after class
6. Studying for the exam
7. Going over your study material one more time before your exam

Most of these steps are things that won’t even take that much time or effort, but actually do a lot for your memorization.

In conclusion, memorizing takes time and effort. A full process takes place before you remember what you’ve studied. If you skip the process, you won’t remember your study material for long which will effect your further studies (since you won’t have a good foundation to build on). Take as much time as you need to study thoroughly & keep these tips in mind to learn the material faster!

Love, Rose