Hey there,
I hope you are doing great today. After a bunch of guest articles (and there are more to come, I just didn’t have time to edit them), it’s time for an update on my life. There’s so much to tell. Because I’ve been keeping something from you.

You probably noticed that during the last couple of months, I kind of disappeared. At first, it was because I had a ridiculously hard semester. The pressure was high and I was too focused on school to be doing anything else besides that. Law school is tough, and to keep up with a website, YouTube channel, Instagram page, online shop, and blog makes it even tougher. Mainly because both of them are like a full time job.

So, once my semester was finally finished I thought I would finally have time to upload more videos, to write multiple articles each week, to post photos on my Instagram every day and to just…be back. But I wasn’t. And today I am going to tell you why.

You know how people often say:

”Don’t tell people about your plans. Tell them about your results.”

That was kind of what I was doing. I wanted to keep this from you until everything would be 100% certain. And now it is. So here we go:

I’m moving. To another country. To another university. To a new home. To a new life.

Let me explain. About half a year ago, I received an email from a company asking me if I ever thought about studying abroad. I didn’t at the time but I got curious and did some research which made me more and more interested. At the time, I was working with this company but it didn’t work out in the end but the idea of studying abroad never left me.

I got more and more excited and decided to register at a university I really wanted to go to. Because I don’t live in the same country as the university I am going to attend in September, the procedure to get in was quite difficult but I managed to get accepted. Woohoo!

Getting in still wouldn’t make things official enough to share on the internet. The thing that would really make or break this plan was getting the right apartment. Let me tell you this, it’s DIFFICULT to get an apartment. I’ve searched every single day for months before getting the brilliant idea of hiring someone to find me an apartment. Finding the right apartment was crucial in my eyes: the apartment would be the base of my company. All videos would be filmed there, all new items for my shop would be designed there, all articles and blogposts would be written there, all study sessions would take place there. I needed a place that was light and had lots of space, and be student budget friendly on top of that. About a few weeks ago, I found the perfect apartment. It’s definitely not the biggest apartment or anything but it already feels like home.

Another new thing in my life: I’m not going to live on my own. I am going to live with my boyfriend. As some of you guys know, my boyfriend an I are in a long distance relationship for about three years and even though we manage, it’s hurting our business. Our business, because my boyfriend is my business partner as well. He is co owner of Ways To. Living away from each other made it difficult to work together so we are over the moon that we will be able to work together every day of the week once we live together.

What about school? In September, I am going to attend a new university. I am going to do a new bachelor in law, which is very exciting to me. In my second year, I am going to pick a more specific direction of law. I am not sure what I will be picking but I will fill you in on that once I know.

Living on my own for the first time is really going to add a new perspective to my student life. I have to be more serious about everything and be more responsible. It will also be interesting to share all the new things I learn with you in my YouTube videos or on this website.

The main reason why I didn’t want to tell you guys about all of this, is because I wanted to be absolutely sure that it was going to happen. I really don’t like keeping things from you. I love being myself and I’m not really afraid of writing something personal here. However, if things didn’t work out it would mean that I have to stay where I am and that would just feel like lying to you. In my eyes, everything was uncertain until I finally signed the contract of my apartment. This is also the reason why I’ve been so absent this Summer. I had lots of things to figure out, lots of things to sign, things to take care of, etc. During the next couple of weeks, I am going to busy with packing my bags, buying new stuff and move into my apartment. I also need to prepare myself for my new classes that are going to take place in a few weeks. It’s going to take time and I will have to step out of my comfort zone but it will be worth it. Pictures or videos of the apartment will come in a few weeks!

I hope you enjoyed this overly dramatic article (sorry guys, I’m a bit of a drama queen haha). I would love to chat with you in the comments down below. Let me know about big changes in your life (moving, new school, new work, etc.) and how you feel about them! Also, let me know if there are certain topics about living on your own for the first time or starting all over at a new university or whatever aspect of student life you’d like me to cover in future YouTube videos or articles. ♥️