Hey guys, I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday so far! In today’s post I want to talk you through the days I was vlogging. Some of you guys don’t have access to my videos and I still want to give these people the chance to show a bit more of my life!

This vlog was filmed in two days. The first day was on March 7th, the second day was April 11th. On March 7th, my day started pretty early because I had to go to school. I got up around 7 to catch the sunset just in time, took a shower and got ready. Then I made myself a lovely lunch which consisted of a few sandwiches and a pita bread which was a leftover from the day before. I only had one lecture, which was an obligatory one and I also had to hand in a paper that day. I checked the paper for spelling mistakes and printed the final version that morning.