A while ago, my friend Thomas, @thomstudies, published an article on his Tumblr with 5 videos on YouTube that motivated him. I got inspired by this idea and wanted to do my own version of it because I too like to watch a couple of videos on YouTube to give me some extra motivation. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Legally Blonde – I’ll show you how valuable Elle Woods can be:
Legally Blonde is one of my all time motivational movies. Elle Woods is a typical sorority girl, whose boyfriend breaks up with her. In order to get him back, she decides to go to Harvard law school to prove she is very serious. Although no one takes her seriously, she decides to go for it and gets accepted. When she starts her first day at Harvard, she doesn’t have any friends, and she gets kicked out of class for not preparing her assignments. When her ex boyfriend tells her she isn’t smart enough for law school (and that’s where this scene is from), Elle wants to show everyone her true value by studying hard and by giving it all.

2. Legally Blonde – Elle Wood’s admission essay:
This video is Elle’s admission essay for Harvard law school. It also shows the hard work Elle puts into studying for her LSATs. She knows she needs to get accepted to get her ex boyfriend back. Although her admission essay is a bit silly, she chose a way to present herself in a creative way. On top of that, she got a 179 on her LSATs, which is almost a perfect score. Lastly, can we also point out how supportive Elle’s friends in the sorority are? They helped her with studying, supported her decision to go to law school even though they didn’t understand why, and were genuinely happy for Elle when she got a high score on her LSATs. Talk about empowering women!

3. Pretty Little Liars – Spencer Hastings staying up all night to do research:
Watch this video from the beginning until 1:18. I don’t think the part with Ezra is motivating. Pretty Little Liars is a show that follows 4 friends who get stalked by someone that knows all their secrets. I watched all seasons and Spencer Hastings is one of my favorite characters. She is hard working, studies a lot and is almost obsessed with succeeding in school and life. During most of the seasons, she is a high school student and we can see her study a lot. I like this video because it is so well put together. This is what studying looks like: wearing comfy clothes, hair in a pony tail, drinking a lot of water and getting your room messy with all the study material. Even if she isn’t really studying but doing some research, it still motivates me. There are two things in this video that I do not endorse: using drugs and staying up all night to study. Don’t do that. That is not healthy. Be good to yourself.

4. Pretty Little Liars – Study session with Spencer, Aria and Hanna:
I love study sessions with other people. I do them all the the time with my sisters. It’s so motivating. In this clip, we see Aria, Spencer and Hanna studying together for the SATs. Aria and Spencer are very serious but Hanna is being quite annoying for two reasons. First of all, she is constantly distracting the other girls, even though they have to take the SATs the next day. Spencer asks her if she can stop asking questions so they can focus but Hanna continues to bother them. Second of all, she is pushing Aria to start dating Noel, even though Aria makes it clear that she is not interested in him. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hanna’s character but she’s not being a very good study buddy in this video. Look for a Spencer or Aria in a study buddy, not a Hanna. Other than that, this video is a great example of a productive study session.

5. Gilmore Girls – Rory’s study method:
Gilmore Girls is a show that follows the lives of a single mother Lorelai and her 16 year old daughter Rory who live in a crazy town. Rory is going to a very serious and expensive school in another town and when she just transferred, she had a lot of trouble with catching up on things. In this scene Lorelai and Rory are in their kitchen, where Rory is studying for her finals. I love Rory’s quote ‘Who cares if I’m pretty if I fail my finals’ because it’s true. To quote Stephanie Seymour (American model and actress): ‘Education always continues. We all know that beauty fades, but what stays is a person’s personality, their sense of humor, their wit, what they’re interested in. That’s what really shines.’
At the end of the clip, Rory shows her mother her study technique: switching back and forth between different subjects. I think that is interesting and could be really useful although it can also cause some confusion.

6. Gossip Girl – Studying for the SATs
Gossip Girl is a show that is about a group of rich Upper East Siders in New York. In this clip the friends are preparing themselves for the SATs that they have to take. I love the way Blair Waldorf is studying. As some of you guys know, I am a huge fan of Blair Waldorf. In the show (but more noticeable in the books), Blair is definitely someone that aims for perfection. She gets good grades in school and does a lot of after school activities to make her more eligible for a spot at Yale, her dream school. She is definitely a big role model for me, although I do not agree with all the decisions she has made in the 6 seasons. She one said: ‘What I want, is to become a powerful woman.’ and she definitely worked for that.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that the videos motivated you to go the extra mile towards today. Let me know in the comments below which video was your favorite!