Hi there, I hope you are doing well. I am sorry for being absent last week but I hope I can make things alright by writing this article with tips for you guys! This article contains some of my personal tips to combine school with your love life.

I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over a year now and things have been great. It is a long distance relationship so unfortunately we can only see each other during breaks and during the weekends. I have always been kind of sceptical towards relationships because I noticed that whenever people around me got in a relationship they started to get bad grades in school and they forgot about their friends. I didn’t want that to happen to me. However, I fell in love and I really understand it now.

When you are in a relationship, your priorities change and you want to be with the person you love all day long. Of course this is not meant in a negative way whatsoever. Being in love is amazing and my boyfriend makes me the happiest girl in the world. Having said that, it can still be challenging to combine having a relationship with your school work. Here are my top tips to do that:

  1. My first and best tip is to tell each other when you need to study. Part of my long distance relationship that me and my boyfriend constantly text each other. However, it is really important to tell your loved one you need to study for a couple of hours. If you don’t tell him/her that you need to study, he/she won’t know it so he/she will keep bothering you while you are working. If he/she knows and he/she respects you, he/she will leave you alone for as much time as you need. You can say for example: ‘I have to study now, but I’ll take a break in 2 hours so I’ll text you then.’ This way your boyfriend/girlfriend can give you the space you need to study. You can make an agreement that he/she can call you if there are any emergencies. If you feel like that is too much to ask, try thinking of it like this: if it were the other way around and my boyfriend/girlfriend needs to study, I wouldn’t want to be selfish and ask for attention if I know he/she needs to study and get a good grade. I’d feel terrible if I knew the cause of my loved one’s bad grades is me.
  2. Plan your dates. Make appointments when you are going to see each other and stick to it. Me and my boyfriend see each other, like I said before, during the weekends and during breaks. We then have enough time to travel and to see each other for a good amount of time. We are both really busy with school which means we need to make time for each other. So what we do is keep the days where we are going to see each other free and the days where we do not see each other are for working and school. It can be hard to balance but if you know when you are going to see your loved one, it is easier to plan other things like studying around it.
  3. Study dates! If school is a busy activity for the both of you, it is actually so nice to have a study date once in a while. Even though a lot of you will probably say that they cannot do it, my advice is to give it a go. If you really set your mind to it, and if you are both serious about it, you can have a super productive date. I have tried it recently and it actually worked. The best thing is the feeling you get after a long intense study session with your loved one: you’ll feel satisfied because you did some work, you’ll feel happy because you are with your boyfriend/girlfriend and you can feel amazing about being such a great team together!
  4. If study dates do not work for you, because you keep giving each other kissies and hugs, try to do a study session using FaceTime. This is especially great for people who are in long distance relationships because you can see each other on days where you cannot see each other in real life but you still manage to make the time you are facetiming useful by doing work. It is very motivational to see the other person work and it is nice to have a study buddy.
  5. My last tip is to help each other. An important part of being in a relationship is to get the best out of each other. My boyfriend struggles a lot with english, which is something I can help him with and I personally have a lot of trouble understanding economics, which is an important part of his education since he studies accountancy. We help and support each other to make the other person feel more confident about his/her capabilities and to make sure the other person is exam ready.

These are my tips to combine school with your love life. Remember that being in a relationship is more than just love, you are a team. I think most of the people in a relationship are very serious about it and want a future together. Now, having an education is a big part of having a (financially stable) future. It is crucial for the both of you to do your absolute best in order to get the happily ever after you deserve. And lastly, remember that even though not all relationships last, your education is something no one can ever take away from you. To quote Michelle Obama: “There is no boy, at this age, cute enough or interesting enough to stop you from getting an education. If I had worried about who liked me and who thought I was cute when I was your age, I wouldn’t be married to the President of the United States.”

Have a lovely week everyone!