The library is a very good place to study. I go to the library once in a while if I want to change my study environment, or if my house is too noisy, or if I have to wait for an hour or more at school until the next lecture starts. There are a ton of other reasons to grab your books and study an afternoon/morning at the library.
What I like most about studying at the library is the fact that the library is usually very quiet and there is an atmosphere there that makes you concentrate on your work easily. There are usually more students working there which is very motivating for me.
I usually go to two different libraries: the university library is the place I go to if I have school, and want to study a little bit more. The library in my hometown is the library I go to if I don’t have any lectures (I refuse to travel 2 hours to go to the university library if I can study at the library in my hometown as well).

I noticed that I took either way too much stuff with me to a study session at the library or not enough. Here is a list with things you can/should take with you to a study session without packing too much or too little.

  1. First of all, a big bottle of water. Especially when you are going to study at the library for multiple hours, it is so important to stay hydrated. It makes you feel more fresh and awake during your study session & it’s good for your health.
  2. The second thing you should take with you is a plan. Notice how I say plan and not planner or planning. Make sure you have made a plan before you go to the library. I mean, you probably don’t want to spend your precious time there on making a good planning. If you know what you need to do there you can start working and focusing immediately.
  3. Pack all the books and syllabuses you are planning to use during the library session. Pack the notebooks that you need too. (And for all my law students reading this: bring your law books with you)
  4. Grab a pencil case and fill it with all the pens you think you are going to use. For example, pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, correction fluid and a calculator. Of course you don’t have to bring all your pens and highlighters, just the things you need. It’s okay to bring an extra pen with you in case one pen runs out of ink ;).
  5. Food: I never know how much food I should bring with me to the library. I usually pack as much food as I would normally eat at home (sandwiches and fruits) and something for a little bit of extra energy (a candy bar or cookies). Especially if you are going to study for a lot of hours, it’s nice to treat yourself a little bit. Also, bring some money with you in case you still feel hungry after eating your food. My libraries are close to places you can eat food so I sometimes eat something there during a long break. Little reminder that in most of the libraries you are not allowed to eat so make sure to eat outside the building.
  6. Bring some extra paper or a notebook with you. This will always come in handy because you can always jot down some notes or thoughts or things you need to remember later.
  7. The library can be really cold sometimes. That is why I like to bring an extra sweater with me, in case I get cold.
  8. Only bring your laptop with you if you need it for studying. It’s a good idea to bring your phone with you in case something happens, but if you don’t want to be distracted by your phone, my tip is to leave your phone charger at home so you are forced to save your phone batteries as much as you can.

So this is a complete list go the things you should bring with you to a study session at the library. I hope you enjoyed this article & I hope you’ll have a productive study session when you are going to study at the library!

Extra tip: leave distractions at home as much as you can. If you don’t need your laptop for studying, leave it at home and you probably don’t need a whole set of washi tapes for studying either. This way, you are creating a study environment without any distractions so you can focus a lot better on your work.