Hi there, I am Ways To Study and in my first blog post I want to tell you a little bit more about myself and my study progress. As most of you know, I am a law student at an university. I am 19 years old at the moment and I am Dutch.
I learn about national law, European law and international law at school and I also have a couple of subject to extend my knowledge, like philosophy, sociology, psychology, foreign legal systems, etc.
This semester I am taking the following subjects: economics, foreign legal systems (England, France and Germany), criminal procedure law, constitutional law, and European law.
I know already that this semester is going to be hard for me. These subjects are quite difficult and I have a lot to read and study. I have to work harder than ever. Of course that isn’t always fun but I like to keep in mind that I am closer to my goals now than I ever was.

This semester I have 2 deadlines going on for the same paper. I have to hand in the first version of the paper on March 1st 2017, and the second version on April 21st 2017. For those of you who are interested in what the paper is about, in this paper I have to analyse a case that is written in French. I need to do research to the legal problem of the case and then discuss the decision of the judge and whether the decision was the right one to make.
Since every source about this topic is in French and there is very little information about this subject, it is a pretty hard assignment.
I was a little bit insecure about my abilities to write, because I haven’t written any essays or papers in 1,5 years. However, when I spoke to the handler of this paper about my paper, he actually told me my paper was really good and that he could see that I had put a lot of effort in it already. This gave me a lot of confidence.
My semester has just started, this is only the second week but I just want to tell you what my resolutions are for this semester and the things I am going to change in relation to last semester.
My biggest resolution for this semester is to study smarter, not harder. I say this because I wasted so much time last semester with rewriting my notes. Because of that, I was short of time in the last few weeks before my exams. I am going to stop wasting time on things like that.
The biggest change I am going to make for this semester is that I am going to stop rewriting my notes. Last semester, I rewrote all of my notes, which was such a waste of my time. From now on, I am going to print my notes at home and annotate them. I will continue writing my summaries on paper.
Well, that was my introduction. I hope you enjoyed my first blogpost.

XOXO Ways To Study