Hey guys, today I am going to review this planner from Mossery.co. The people from mossery.co kindly sent me one of their planners to test and review for you guys. I also have a discount code if you want to order something from their website, that I will put on the end of this article.

The first thing that I noticed when I received the planner is how gorgeous the planner is packed:


The planner came in a really nice bright yellow box and in the box there was a blue box and a manual for the planner.

You might think it would be a little bit unusual to put a manual for the planner in the package but I think it’s a smart idea. This planner was specially designed to set goals and it encourages the user to be creative, so it has a lot of pages that I have never seen before like a ‘values page’ or a ‘recap page’ for every month. The manual explains how to use these pages and also gives some inspiration and motivation.

There are a lot of cute designs on their website and I had some trouble with finding the nicest one. I chose this dark blue planner with some foxes on the cover. There is also an option to personalize your planner with your name or a quote in gold foil. I chose the word ‘ambition’ because that is a word that motivates me a lot. Now it’s time to see what the inside looks like:

As I said before, this planner does have a lot of unique pages that will boost your motivation and creativity like the ‘values page’ and the ‘recap’ of every month. I think pages like these are perfect for setting goals and reaching them. You can look back on every month and see your progress.

The planner starts with a monthly planner, which is great because I love monthly planners. Monthly planners give you a very good overview of the weeks that are coming up so you can keep all the important deadlines, events and exams in mind while planning your days. I especially love the design of this monthly planner. I think the colors are really cute and well chosen. There is also a lot of space for extra notes and things like that.

There are 5 different designs on the inside of the planner that you can choose from. I picked the weekly horizontal spread because that is the spread I am most familiar with. I have used planners with these types of layouts during high school and I think a weekly planner overall is just really handy.

The paper can’t handle every type of pen, so I just used a black pen to write in it. I would love to use fineliners inside but unfortunately the ink will bleed through. I am used to that because my daily planner has even thinner paper so I cannot use my fineliners in them as well.

The planner has 3 paper pockets that are really useful for carrying important documents or anything like that. It also has a business card holder which I really like (but I don’t have a business card so I can’t use it ?). I like this planner a lot but it doesn’t beat my daily planner, simply because it has a lot more space. However, I will use this planner for planning and organizing all my social media, since I have to do a lot nowadays and it is a little bit overwhelming for me.